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Works Cited

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Works Cited




A journey though the life of Caroline Cooney. 26 Jan. 2001. 1 Feb. 2005 <>.

This supplied me with biography information about my author’s life, but didn’t affect my thesis.

Bio. 2000. Teen 25 Jan. 2005 <>.

This web page did not help my thesis one way or another it just gave me background information on the books and author.

Caroline B. Cooney. 1999. Fantastic Fiction. 1 Feb. 2005 <>.

This web site did not affect my thesis. However it did help by showing me all the books Caroline Cooney has ever written. So then I could check the books to see if they went along with my thesis.

Collison, Stephen . Caroline Cooney. Rhode Island College. 8 Feb. 2005 <>.

This web page helped me develop my thesis by explaining what kinds of characters she uses and their stereo types.

Cooney, Caroline B. Freeze Tag. New York: n.p., 1992. 1-166

            Lannie wanted West all to her self, but West fell in love with Megan. So Lannie uses her powers to freeze Megan and she only promises to unfreeze her when West says he likes her best. This used memorizes and supported my thesis.

Emergency Room. 1990. Fantastic Fiction. 8 Feb. 2005 <>.

This gave me information on my book like an overall summery. However not much help on my thesis.

Emergency Room. New York: Scholastic, 1994. 1-213.

 Dianna and Seth want to be doctor, but they have to pass the test. So together they work hard to succeed. This used flashbacks and supported my thesis.

Learning About Caroline Cooney. 31 Mar. 1997. 24 Jan. 2005 <>.

This website helped me develop my thesis statement by talking about the writers over all style and the format she uses in her books.

Mummy. New York: Scholastic, 1999. 

Emlyn wants to commit the perfect crime, but it’s hard and dangerous, so she steals it and then decides to put it back. This supported my thesis because it used previous events.

The Stranger. New York: n.p., 1993. 1-208.

Nicoletta wants to find out more about Jeoro because she loves him but then she finds out he’s a monster and so he kills himself so she will not get hurt. This book doesn’t support my thesis.

The Terrorist. New York: Scholastic, 1997. 1-198.

 Laura wants to find out who killed her brother, but she can’t find the suspect. So she does research and realizes its one of her friends. This has memorizes and supports my thesis.

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